Project Description

Saint Barthélemy

Saint Barthelemy, WOW! What an island!

Often abbreviated as St Barts, St Barths or Saint Barth, it gets a bit confusing depending on who you speak with.

This was my first visit and I felt spoilt. Everywhere I turned or looked there was another image to capture. I have experienced this before but not to this scale. The island is small (you can drive round it in 30 minutes) but it also has a sense of space. I never felt like I was covering the same ground every day.

This campaign involved meeting local islanders and getting their story across, mixed up with oversized props and lots of SUN.

Great people in a great location, I think it was one of the hardest shoots of my career.

Yeah right. I’m a lucky man.

Big Love to Ashley and Kristina –

Meet the islanders in the film section on my website.