Project Description

A year with 6 Music

I thought I knew what I was letting myself in for, how wrong was I.

The project started early January and was a documentation of all the greatness associated with 6 Music over the duration of the year.

From the start, meeting and hanging out with the DJs and their guest artists was a dream job come true.

It happened like this.

Shoot 6 Music DJ team, realise Craig Charles isn’t there, photoshop Craig Charles in, photoshop out wine spillage on carpet, shoot Will Champion at 6 HQ, note to self – 6 Music needs a photo backdrop, backdrop problem sorted, shoot Lammo, lovely chap, 6 Music week at Maida Vale Studios, don’t get in the way, get in the way and get the shot, Laura Mvula Strypes Richard Hawley (kisses Lauren) Suede Foals, not namedropping, just saying, train to Manchester, shoot Mark Radcliffe, train straight back to Maida Vale, shoot Cribs, fall asleep in taxi home, shoot XX at 6 HQ, nice, Red Nose day, Shaun Keaveny gets waxed live on air, ouch, ha ha, Lauren Laverne and Jennifer Saunders host the torture, some Black Rebels from the Motorcycle Club are shot by me, British Sea Power session, we need a bigger room, more people please, Primal Scream at HQ, damn that was good, record store day, I don’t have a record player but still embraced the event, Tom Ravenscroft OB in Soho, brilliant, Savages, so focused, Jim Jones Revue, loud and bloody brilliant, need to buy some new ears after that, John Lydon, sorry did I say John Lydon?, JOHN LYDON, happy face, me not him, Josh Homme, good looking chap, Latitude, speeding fine on the way up, hanging out with Lammo Lauren Shaun, Bobby Womack and Lauren together, sunshine, drink, Lammo in a DJ booth fit for an 8-year-old, Eddie Izzard, genius, follow that Keaveny, another speeding fine on the way home, just to make sure, 6 Music Proms, the Royal Albert Hall, love this venue, Stranglers Cerys and Laura Marling, beer with Lammo, back to Maida Vale, the Clash, another box ticked, Pixies, wow, movie month, Jarvis at Pinewood Studios, put Jarvis in a prop cupboard, as you do, back to Maida Vale, Manic Street Preachers, love it, Sigur Ros, more BBC branding please, t-shirt day, looking good in my Thunder t-shirt, how very 6 Music, shoot all the staff at 6 in their best band t-shirts, no flashing please, Christmas OB Manchester, Radcliffe and Maconie in the festive spirit, Bernard Sumner almost smiles, more mulled wine please, hic, Tim Burgess is a lovely man, Mary Anne Hobbs, ooh lovely lady, shoot Guy Garvey at his house, look out the skylight, do you see the graveyard on the horizon?, yes, it was in that graveyard that Elbow formed, fact.

There was a lot of shooting, but I can say nobody was hurt in the making of this project. Now I’ll let the pictures show you how much fun I had in one year.